Envoy - A New World of Sound
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"The Esteem technology is the only solution available in the world found to be clinically superior to hearing aids for the alleviation of sensorineural hearing loss." This performance statement is based upon a recent regulated Clinical Trial done in the United States.
Latest testimonials of Esteem®-Hearing Implant™ recipients.
Watch a short news clip from KARE 11 News in St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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  The Up and Coming Standard in Hearing Healthcare   Call us Toll Free at 866-950-HEAR and find out if you qualify for the Pivotal Phase II Clinical Trial
The Esteem®-Hearing Implant™ advances the field of hearing treatment. This Technology, for those candidates who qualify, has the potential to obsolete hearing aids. It is the first real medical treatment for sensorineural hearing loss that addresses hearing loss and cosmetic issues.
The Esteem®-Hearing Implant™ does not utilise microphone technology.

Envoy - A New World of Sound
  The Envoy is   Patients - Recipients have reported  

• Clinically Superior to hearing aids
• Completely invisible
• Uses the body’s natural anatomy to provide optimal hearing
• Esteem®-Hearing Implant™ is not affected by acoustic feedback
• The device allows patients to live normal active lifestyles
• No occlusion effect (nothing in the ear)
• No maintenance or batteries for five to nine years


• "Background noise is no longer an issue"
• "Crisp, clear, sharp hearing"
• "Sounds seem more natural"
• "The procedure is virtually painless"
• "I hear sounds I've not heard in years"
• "I feel safe because I'm able to hear smoke alarms and sirens when sleeping"

"Thrilled to Finally Hear Again"
"A Father's Day Story"
"Loud and Clear "
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